Why Worry About Female Mind Control At All?


Here’s a hard lesson that a lot of people need to learn: it may be difficult to get a date sometimes, but you can’t really force it to happen.

Everyone gets in a rut, and a lot of people struggle to know how to approach women.

The fear of rejection alone can be mortifying. It’s all understandable.

However, turning to means such as “female mind control” is just a Pandora’s Box of trouble waiting to happen.

Any happiness you’d get from such an endeavor would also be only temporary.

Just think about it; do you really want someone to be with you because you tricked them into it? Will they really be happy?

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Furthermore, will you be happy down the line realizing you’ve resorted to tricks in order to either land dates, start a relationship, or simply lure someone into bed?

It’s really not healthy behavior.

The most prudent way to start having more success in the build some confidence is to work on yourself and build some confidence

There’s no need to rely on a lot of frankly creepy tactics such as “mind control”.

Leave that to the sci-fi books; this is the real world!