I Hate It When My Wife Talks To Me About Erections


I hate it when my wife talks to me about erections.

I thought I was marrying someone smart when I married a doctor, but sometimes when she spends too much time at work, she is not able to shut the physician side of her brain down when we are in the bedroom.

She has never said anything critical or derogatory of my erections, but she will sometimes be in her analytical mode where she remarks on how my blood pressure medication is obviously working or something to that effect.

She even checked my testicles for cancer once during foreplay.

Every once in a while, such things actually turn me on a little bit, because hey, it’s honestly quite different than the norm. However, it also freaks me out more than not lately.

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I’m honestly not sure why she does it? Does she fantasize about her patients and role play with me?

I keep meaning to talk to her about it, but they are only moments in a fleeting fashion before my erections and passion take over.

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It’s weird, but we’re happy in most aspects of our married life, so maybe I should just let it go?