I Had A Patient Ask Me For Something That Suppresses Erections

I had a patient come in my medical office the other day with an unusual request.

He wanted to see if I had something that would actually suppress his erections instead of give him one.

I was a bit taken aback by this and had to ask what in the world was going on.

He said he wanted to be ready for his wedding day, which is coming up, and I was even more confused.

He explained that the wedding had blown up into such a huge ordeal with so much family coming in on both sides, that he already knows his bride is going to be stressed out and exhausted from the whole week of preparations and the big event, so she’s likely to just pass out in the hotel and sleep for 18 hours after the ceremony.


In fact, he’s already planned on staying there for three days for her to rest up before they start their honeymoon travel.

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He was even worried about having an erection in his tux when the bridesmaids come out

I just laughed and told him to look at his mother-in-law and imagine her in her underwear.

His face turned purple, and I knew I had given him the answer he needed.