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The average individual virtually does no longer care what different human beings do that doesn’t affect them personally! So are they encouraged and advocated through others to dislike homosexuals? no one desires to agree with they’re victims of thoughts control, manipulation, brainwashing or residing inside the matrix (i.e. believing in a spiritual myth). we would all like to suppose we make up our own minds… we are the controllers. however in order that we’re clear, let’s distinguish among manipulate and manipulation. mind control shows the complete absence of loose will. however, thoughts manipulation does no longer!

thoughts manipulation (which ended in a form of mind manipulate) has been going on for hundreds of years. Howbeit, the topics by no means knew they had been manipulated. as an example, in 382 CE the same old Bible in Europe became written in Latin. become this an excellent aspect? It was no longer a honest issue if the handiest those who knew Latin had been spiritual authorities (controllers) and a few human beings of royalty. The not unusual folks needed to depend on what ever the controllers told them… what ever thoughts matrix (mental jail) they created. as a result, a small minority managed the massive majority through worry and intimidation. This went on for one thousand years (i.e. 382 CE to 1382 CE) aka the dark a long time.

In 1382 CE, a rouge monk via the name of John Wycliffe were given bored stiff with the religious corruption inside the church. in case you suppose the controllers did now not take complete advantage of the ignorant loads… suppose again! lengthy tale quick, John Wycliffe became subsequently imprisoned and executed through the church. however he planted the idea of an English Bible the commoners may want to examine for themselves in the minds of the masses.

Theoretically speaking, if this passed off the non secular controllers might lose the grip that they had over the masses. So rather than inciting a countrywide revolt, the authorities complied with the people’s call for. Or so the people notion! in preference to setting the hundreds free from the matrix that controlled them, another shape of manage was brought. in preference to controlling the masses through verbal command like earlier than, they controlled them through commands they may examine for themselves. Thereby pleasing each events involved. The common folks had no concept what the original Hebrew writings stated. and they nevertheless don’t!

eliminate THE gay
due to the matrix created by way of religious controllers, the majority are not conscious the Bible is full of homosexuals! sure, a number of the most famous characters within the Bible had been homosexual! in order that we’re clear; this would be manipulation which ends up in thoughts manipulate. Howbeit, circumstances had been exceptional lower back then. for instance, circle of relatives responsibility changed into proper up there with university football! homosexual men married women to supply offspring and hold their own family’s genealogy. Ahab strolling off to live his existence with Jethro turned into no longer a main concern for all of us.

Homosexuals have been in excellent call for to preserve the best workplaces in royal courts. lamentably, spiritual controllers used language like “court docket officials” to describe them. Manipulation. Others held excessive positions within the army and were talented at the struggle field. once more the controllers mentioned their navy rank and nothing extra. Matrix. but this doesn’t start to scratch the floor!

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