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Family self-monitoring of blood pressure is particularly important

Self-blood pressure is mainly measured by family blood pressure, which is helpful to assess the level and severity of blood pressure, guide treatment, evaluate the hypotensive effect, including blood pressure after medication and at intervals between medication, improve treatment compliance and enhance patients'active participation in treatment. 


Self-monitoring blood pressure has unique advantages and can be an important supplement to clinic blood pressure. It can evaluate blood pressure level, guide antihypertensive treatment and observe the curative effect. The purpose of home blood pressure measurement is to appeal to the public, especially hypertensive patients, to pay attention to self-blood pressure measurement, to know their blood pressure situation in time, and to improve treatment compliance, so as to better control hypertension. Self-monitoring blood pressure is of positive significance for improving the initiative of hypertensive patients and controlling hypertension. It is also of great value for differential diagnosis of hypertension, evaluation of curative effect and prediction of cardiovascular risk.