Does Female Ejaculation Happen For Every Woman?

I am a woman in my 30s and I believe that I have had female ejaculation happen once in my lifetime.

My husband and I have watched numerous videos on it, but we are now wondering if this may be something that only some women can achieve.

Not only that, but it kind of seems as though these female orgasms are something that the conditions have to be just perfect for it to happen. 

Are there any good tips that we can use to try to see if we could possibly make this happen again?

I know that there are supposed to be several sex toys that work to get women where they need to make this happen, but we have tried several have had no luck at all.

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I can’t even really tell you if I remember anything being a certain way before I achieved the female ejaculation in the past, it just sort of happened.

Are there some different lotions or creams that can be used? Is there a specific position that works better for some women over others?

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We are really interested in finding out exactly how this works so that we can possibly achieve another one.