Destiny Card Science

Clubs – Clubs administer the time of life after adolescence when we are sent off to class each day. Clubs oversee training, correspondences, both composed and verbal, our reasoning, and all data driven exercises and employments. Lawful matters are additionally controlled by Clubs. Individuals who are Clubs are ‘everlasting undergrads.’ They want to peruse and to learn new things. They flourish with discussion and interchanges in all structures. To a Club individual, ‘the contemplation is in the same class as the thing itself.’ They are the detail individuals of the deck as well. They will notice and discover things that different suits miss. At the point when a Club card shows up in your yearly spread in my book, Cards of Your Destiny, it will enlighten you concerning the status of your interchanges, a legitimate matter, arranges you have made, instructive interests and your general mental condition of being. The Club individual is hunting down the ideal truth.


Precious stones – Diamonds speak to the reap season, both in the year and in our life. It is the suit of significant worth and amassing of significant worth.

While Clubs gather information, Diamonds incline toward cash and things.

To a Diamond, all things, including individuals and connections, have an esteem.

The Diamond individual is the person who allocates this esteem and in truth, through the aggregation of things and cash, the Diamond individual is looking for his or her own particular incentive on the planet.

All the cash cards likely to work out of Your Destiny book are Diamonds, the great ones and the terrible ones. Jewels are the grown-ups of the deck.

Indeed, even kids who are Diamonds won’t care for being dealt with as an infant.

What’s more, they will by and large hang out with children somewhat more established than themselves.

A portion of the best cash individuals on the planet are Diamond cards.

The Diamond individual is looking for self-esteem.


Spades – Spades are the suit of intelligence and shrewdness must be acquired through involvement.

Despite the fact that a Club may have bunches of information, their insight is, by definition, mediocre compared to knowledge.

And all Spades individuals know this.

These are the laborers of the deck.

All the compulsive worker cards are Spades and any Spade individual can be blamed for it at one time or the other.

Spades are additionally associated with wellbeing and medical problems, a typical manifestation in the most recent years of our life which Spades administer.

Not all Spades have medical problems. Be that as it may, many of them do.

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A Spade individual is keen on doing, rather than feeling, suspecting or needing of alternate suits.

Spade kids get a kick out of the chance to hang with the grandparents and substantially more seasoned individuals since they are basically old souls, even from birth.

A Spade individual is looking for self flawlessness through doing, and their work.