All About Erections And Erectile Dysfunction


If you are wondering about the causes of erectile dysfunction, you should know that it has everything to do with the disruption of the blood flow to the penis

In other words, if your body is not able to deliver blood to that part of the body in a gushing fashion, good luck with getting your erection right.

But what affects blood flow to the penis? There are many factors.

For some, it is tiredness. A tired body will not have the energy to raise an erection or much less have the energy for foreplay.

There are others that suffer from erectile dysfunction mainly because they have a medical condition that affects the flow of blood to the penis.

As it is right now, a major medical culprit behind erectile problems is diabetes.

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If you never had problems before but are having erection problems now, the first thing you need to do is have yourself checked by the doctor.

If you have never had an erection, you might want to go see a urologist to see if you have the physical apparatus to get an erection.

Yes, there are men out there who can’t get it up because they do not have the physical structure to support it.