I Had A Patient Ask Me For Something That Suppresses Erections

I had a patient come in my medical office the other day with an unusual request.

He wanted to see if I had something that would actually suppress his erections instead of give him one.

I was a bit taken aback by this and had to ask what in the world was going on.

He said he wanted to be ready for his wedding day, which is coming up, and I was even more confused.

He explained that the wedding had blown up into such a huge ordeal with so much family coming in on both sides, that he already knows his bride is going to be stressed out and exhausted from the whole week of preparations and the big event, so she’s likely to just pass out in the hotel and sleep for 18 hours after the ceremony.


In fact, he’s already planned on staying there for three days for her to rest up before they start their honeymoon travel.

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He was even worried about having an erection in his tux when the bridesmaids come out

I just laughed and told him to look at his mother-in-law and imagine her in her underwear.

His face turned purple, and I knew I had given him the answer he needed.

What Causes Most Men To Have Erectile Dysfunction?

There are millions of men around the world that, at some point in time, will experience erectile dysfunction.

This is an event where there penis will not be able to achieve an erection, or if it does, it will fall flaccid shortly thereafter.

Younger men do not have this problem as they are motivated internally by hormones that are racing through their bloodstream. As men get older, testosterone begins to diminish, and there are other problems that may also affect their ability to maintain an erection.

How Can This Be Fixed?

The main cause for erectile dysfunction is a mental issue.

They may have had a bad sexual experience before, and now they are afraid it will happen again.

They may have also had a bad experience with a woman that has caused them to become a little bit apprehensive about having sex with someone new.

Either way, once they are able to boost their testosterone levels, and also become more comfortable with their partner, they should have no problems at all.

This can be resolved by focusing on maintaining an erection through mental exercise. In the end, all of these factors will lead to resolving this problem that affects so many men today.

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Does Female Ejaculation Happen For Every Woman?

I am a woman in my 30s and I believe that I have had female ejaculation happen once in my lifetime.

My husband and I have watched numerous videos on it, but we are now wondering if this may be something that only some women can achieve.

Not only that, but it kind of seems as though these female orgasms are something that the conditions have to be just perfect for it to happen. 

Are there any good tips that we can use to try to see if we could possibly make this happen again?

I know that there are supposed to be several sex toys that work to get women where they need to make this happen, but we have tried several have had no luck at all.

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I can’t even really tell you if I remember anything being a certain way before I achieved the female ejaculation in the past, it just sort of happened.

Are there some different lotions or creams that can be used? Is there a specific position that works better for some women over others?

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We are really interested in finding out exactly how this works so that we can possibly achieve another one.

Why Worry About Female Mind Control At All?


Here’s a hard lesson that a lot of people need to learn: it may be difficult to get a date sometimes, but you can’t really force it to happen.

Everyone gets in a rut, and a lot of people struggle to know how to approach women.

The fear of rejection alone can be mortifying. It’s all understandable.

However, turning to means such as “female mind control” is just a Pandora’s Box of trouble waiting to happen.

Any happiness you’d get from such an endeavor would also be only temporary.

Just think about it; do you really want someone to be with you because you tricked them into it? Will they really be happy?

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Furthermore, will you be happy down the line realizing you’ve resorted to tricks in order to either land dates, start a relationship, or simply lure someone into bed?

It’s really not healthy behavior.

The most prudent way to start having more success in the build some confidence is to work on yourself and build some confidence

There’s no need to rely on a lot of frankly creepy tactics such as “mind control”.

Leave that to the sci-fi books; this is the real world!

Do You Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is something that affects 52% of all men at some point in their life.

For many men, it’s a minor or occasional problem but for some it affects them to the point that it impairs their relationships and makes it difficult for them to feel comfortable in the bedroom. 

The good news is that many of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction are treatable, so it is possible to get healthy and to enjoy strong, firm erections once again. All you need to do is figure out the underlying issue.

Sleep, reduced alcohol consumption, improved diet and smoking cessation are the start of a good lifestyle that could solve your erectile dysfunction issues.

If you are a generally fit and healthy man who is ideal weight and physically active but you still have issues, then you might solve them by looking at stress issues.


If that still doesn’t help, then there are testosterone boosters and herbal remedies that could help you to get a better, stronger and firmer erection.

Some treatments for erectile dysfunction work by improving circulation to the penis. Others work by increasing arousal. You may need to try a few approaches to figure out what works for you.